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Now Google is going to shutdown Trips App

Now Google is going to shutdown Trips App

Trips App by Google has been entirely satisfactory for the people who often use to travel different known and unknown places. It helps to find restaurants, hotels, stations and many more which a traveller needs during a visit to any site. But now, according to news, Google is shutting down its Trips app for smartphones. But Google includes much of the functionality of Trips to Google Maps as users can get access to their saved places by signing in to their Gmail account.

Now users can search for “My Trips” or go to the new and improved travel page to find events, famous places and attractions in geography.

In September 2018, Google announced to make changes to their Travel Site, which comprised many of the features that had been erupted into Trips App by Google.         Therefore now, Google’s focus will be to drive users back to Travel and to incorporate more of the functionality in Googles dominate Navigation and mapping App.

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Quite Soon, users will be able to add and edit notes from Trips App by Google in the Travel segment on a browser and locate saved displays, flights and hotels for next and past trips.


User can go to the explore tab in the Maps for finding iconic places, searching destinations, events, guide lists and restaurants.

Tapping the menu icon will now take users to places they’ve kept under the “Your Places” section. And soon the maps app will also combine upcoming reservations arranged by the trip. And those reservations will be available offline so a user won’t need to download them.

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