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Gallery Go, an offline gallery introduced by Google

Gallery Go, an offline gallery introduced by Google

Earlier this week, Google has introduced a new photo editing and management tool designed for offline use. Google named it “Gallery Go”. The new offer joins a suite of Google apps created mainly for users in developing markets where stable online connections are not available.

Galley Go is now available on google play store and IOS App store. The app requires android 8.1 Oreo and newer version of smartphones. It takes just ten MB on the mobile device. The app uses a similar machine learning tool as Google photos to manage and organize images. But the exciting feature is that it does so without any constant internet connection. Users can create folders and access images with the app directly from an SD card.

Gallery Go automatically labels photos without using any data. As it supports SD card, the user can quickly move devices on and off their devices. It also comes with built-in editing abilities, like an auto-enhance mode and several filters to choose.

Likely to other Android Go software like Gmail Go, Google has made sure the app doesn’t take up too much of the user’s phone’s space. At 10MB, Gallery Go is nearly more than four times smaller than Photos’ application package.

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There is a bunch of simple editing tools onboard as well here, including filters, auto-enhance for rotate, quick fixes and crop. The app joins relevant offerings from companies like Facebook, developed to open services to users in areas where mobile phones are prevalent computing devices, but mobile connections tend to be a bit more uneven.

It’s available now on the Play Store and will be available as the default gallery app on some select devices starting coming month.

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