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who is NO.1? Huawei seems to break Samsung’s record

who is NO.1? Huawei seems to break Samsung’s record

Today there is a race between every technology company to beat one another. If a company cannot modernize its product, it cannot make pace with the competition. China Technology giant Huawei is all the way set to reach its goal of becoming NO.1 in the whole world and may break the record of Samsung. 

Despite Donald Trump’s restriction on the company in dealing with US companies, as he considered Huawei, a spy company with stealing ideas from US companies. Huawei didn’t find it full stop for them. They just kept their pace with the race of technology. Huawei didn’t let their shipment target reduced due to a ban from the US.

Huawei target 260 million shipments for the year 2019 and they seem to be reaching their goal without any resistance. As they are growing inside and also outside China, it appears that they would even exceed their expected target. At the end of the year, 2019, Huawei will cross 250 million shipment records.

According to analysts, Huawei has got success in the Chinese market, where it managed to get its share increase this year. As operators have started selling Huawei phones again, its mid and low-end models have gained momentum in the overseas market.

Due to Donald Trump’s ban on Huawei, its GMS License by Google was almost cancelled. But following Trump’s recent promises to ease restrictions on Huawei, it is expected that Huawei will regain Google’s GMS License and authorizations before the end of July.


If Huawei succeeds to hit the 260 million goals, it would be so close to reaching the position NO.1 by dethroning Samsung. Currently, Samsung is the world’s` biggest smartphone brand. Samsung shipped a massive total of 294 million units in 2018. The S10 has been selling very well for Samsung, so narrowing the gap might be a little more complicated as expected by Huawei.

Despite all things, it is imposing to ship 260 million smartphones by Huawei while restriction from the US.

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