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Touch-sensitive virtual reality suit for industrial training

Touch-sensitive virtual reality suit for industrial training

Valkyrie Industries off-handedly mentions to the current repetition of its VR suit as “Iron Man v. 1.” It’s a fitting relevance. There is a “first half of the fiction film” vibe to the model. There are exposed wires everywhere and large; clumsy 3D printed pieces that clip onto different body parts. In a more finalized version, it will maybe look like something more like to a wetsuit. For now, however, the wearable touch-sensitive product looks like a bit of steampunk costume.

We had a meeting with the London-based squad at the Brinc accelerator in Hong Kong. I accept being a bit wary at first mention of a touch-sensitive bodysuit for virtual reality. We’ve seen much costumery throughout the years developed certainly to offer a more captivating gaming adventure. Among the key regions Valkyrie sets itself apart, however, is aimed market.

Rather than aiming the reasonably limited world of VR (virtual reality) gaming, however, the initiator has its eyes on professional applications. This technology will almost significantly be cost restrictive for the foreseeable future, making it something of an uninitiated for a majority of home users (the bill of materials for the current version is of $1.5k). On the other hand, big technology companies would like to be far more willing to invest in a technology company that could simplify and streamline the training process, specifically for dangerous and otherwise complicated positions.


The system utilizes electrical impulses to excite muscles, approximating resistance and feel of touch. With the product yet very much in the early stages (the three-person company is currently seed funded), we were unable to try out the outcome.

But Valkyrie has already demoed the outcome for several high profile corporations and government companies, who are concerned in the product for both training reasons and remote ability operation, giving users the ability to control and manage objects at a safe distance.

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