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Huawei urging the US to lift export restrictions

Huawei urging the US to lift export restrictions

On Friday the chairman of Huawei declared that the Chinese tech giant has yet to see any benefit from the US President Donald Trump’s promise according to which the US companies will be allowed to sell some tech components to Huawei. As trump removed the Chinese tech giant from the blacklist.

Liang Hua in a news conference stated that it is very unfair and uncertain to place a significant company, which is china’s tech giant and an excellent platform for smart gadget users throughout the world, to blacklist and putting a restriction on it would probably harm the US sellers of Huawei also.

Huawei is one of the world’s leading companies in this era and Americans see it as a growing competitor to US technology industries. The United States has accused the Huawei technologies of fascinating Chinese spying, which Huawei vehemently denies. Huawei is urging the US to lift export restrictions from it. The Huawei tech founder Ren Zhengfei said that the company had cut sales forecasts by $30 billion over the coming two years due to curbs and access to us chips and companies.

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As last month US President Donald Trump gave us companies to trade with the Huawei tech, but still, he ordered to remain it in the entity list. The Ling’s opinion about Huawei being in the entity list is that they are not happy with just trading with our companies and still on the entity list he says that he wants the company to wholly removed from the blacklist and entity list also. He believes that their listing form blacklist should be removed entirely.

It is significant to note that despite the US export restrictions, Huawei revenue grew in the first half of this year. Trump’s restrictions on Huawei has also affected the US chip seller as Huawei is on the leading buyer of chips from US companies. Huawei reported that the company’s sales raised last year almost 19.5 per cent, which was $105.2 billion, and it was expected to rise 30 per cent this year. But all those plans were derailed by trump’s export restrictions on Huawei.

Huawei is no. 2 global network after Samsung, and they have developed their operating system for mobiles. But their first choice is to always collaborate with Google’s Android operating system.


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