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The Lumi: teach you how to play the piano with lights

The Lumi: teach you how to play the piano with lights

There has been a persistent gulf between the consumption and the creation of music. Everyone don’t have the money and time to spend on learning music and purchase a musical instrument; many music education programs have trimmed over the years. Others have had a time of interest but haven’t found the process of learning that easy. here you learn how to play the piano with lights.

Now there is new waves of startups appear that are pursuing to tackle these issues with technology, creating tools and yet new instruments that advantage smartphones and tablets, further hardware computing modernization and latest software to make learning music more comfortable than ever before.


In the latest development, Roli is launching a new attractive keyboard called the Lumi. It is colourful, sound sensitive, and piano. The Lumi’s keys brighten in an unusual pattern to help guide and teach you to play music. It consists of an 11-inch keyboard which comes with an iPad app that contains hundreds of pieces. It is not Roli’s first rodeo; the company has already made two other significant products before this, which are aimed at Music making. Roli first launched Seaboard and described it as a new instrument. In the form a keyboard, it contained squishy keys that allow the player bent notes and create other effects it includes electronic based percussive tapping, as the user would do with a regular keyboard.


Its other product was “blocks.” It was a small, modular light board that also used coloured light to help user playing and creating new and exciting sounds and beats with just tapping and then mix them.

Both of the above instrument was interesting but somewhat aimed at those who were familiar with playing the piano and playing other instruments.

lumi light piano

The Lumi is going to a step back to Roli from trying to break new ground with new forming factors built with the benefits of technology and electronics. But it also a step ahead by using keyboards as the basis of instrument. Lumi is more accessible because it is more familiar. It has an affordable price of $249. Roli has always been a little crafty about, from whom it has raised and how much. The list includes consumer electronic giants like Sony, Onkyo, and universal music group that provides for Index, founder fund and local globe and more. It is also partnered with several big names like Pharrell Williams in the effort to get its name out. Pharrell Williams is an investor.

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