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Facebook-owned Apps, Instagram, and WhatsApp down in many countries

Facebook-owned Apps, Instagram, and WhatsApp down in many countriesScore 99%Score 99%

If you are a Facebook user and your Facebook is working very slow, pictures are not loading on Instagram and WhatsApp, and videos are not receiving form WhatsApp, don’t worry you are not alone. It is happening worldwide. In many countries, including the UK, Europe, and the USA, this problem has caused a disturbance.

Facebook-owned apps which include WhatsApp and Instagram due to some technical problems are not working in many countries, including the UK, Europe, and the USA. It looks like the app has crashed in the recent few hours, and the down detector does not look great.

Many users from different countries are complaining that the images on WhatsApp and Instagram are not loading while the text is showing itself usually. Many people from Philippines, UK, Italy, Spain, and the USA are affected the most. The apps are down for many hours. Still, there is no news about the fixing of the problem and recovering of the apps.

Many users are using Twitter to vent their frustration at the outage.
As far as my WhatsApp and Instagram are concerned, I was quite worried about not loading the pictures. I didn’t know whether it was the network problem or my data wasn’t working. But now I am feeling relaxed that I am not all alone in this disguise many other people are also affected in many other countries. Still, there is no news of fixation of the problem, but I am sure that the authorities would have been got worried about the issue and would be trying to fix this problem. In many recent incidents, Facebook has had issues in security. But this is a new issue.

A few days ago, there also started a bug with twitter. It was a notification problem. It happened against twitter’s policy, and people started getting notifications of being unfollowed.

As far as Twitter’s strategy is concerned, the user gets notified when someone follows him. But in that bug twitter users started receiving notifications of their friends unfollowing them whoever followed them. It was quite harming to the friendship relation of many. Because someone gets to know that one of his friends has unfollowed him, he may get hurt feel bad for him. However, Twitter was working on it to fix the problem and was supposed to fix it soon. Soon Facebook authorities will figure it out and fix it.




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