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5G Microwave MIMO link completed by Zong and Huawei

5G Microwave MIMO link completed by Zong and Huawei

As everybody knows that Huawei is one of the leading mobile companies and is China’s Tech giant. It always seems to get upper and higher ranks in technology and innovation. Zong and Huawei have recently completed a joint modernization which was based on the latest microwave technology, and they successfully attained the industry’s extensive distance 5G microwave MIMO link innovation test in Pakistan.

The test performed by Huawei was based on the latest microwave technology of 5G, and Zong Pakistan successfully achieved the industries most extended distance microwave MIMO link Innovation and managed to reach 11km with 5Gbps capacity. It is the 1st commercial use of 5G microwave MIMO solution on huge-scale commercial use in Pakistan.

As a leading and modernized carrier in Pakistan, Zong faces the problem of how to immensely improve the microwave transmission bandwidth under limited frequency resources. Therefore Huawei proposes the 5G microwave MIMO solution which can upgrade the microwave spectrum effectiveness by 100% to double the capacity, lessening the installation distance, known as Rayleigh distance, by 67%, and reduce the demand of MIMO deployment of tower space. These advantages promote the large-scale commercial use of the 5G microwave MIMO technology. CA, technology, which can combine four carriers into one hardware, the innovative solution aggregating MIMO and CA is proposed to increase the efficiency by eight times with the same device as the traditional 2×2 MIMO solution. In this way, smooth proportion expansion can attain without mounting towers, and the delivery cost is decreased to 33% of the conventional approach out with massively tower space save.

Usually, the microwave MIMO technology is applied to a distance of fewer than seven kilometers, but the innovation test achieved 11.03 kilometer, which is the most extended microwave MIMO link in the industry. The 5G microwave MIMO link can firmly provide 3.5Gbps capacity and reach maximum 5Gbps with 2* 56 MHz channel spacing using a new algorithm, which is known as the longest microwave and huge MIMO link in the industry.

This technology modernizes to solve the problem of bandwidth update under limited spectrum supplies and can be elastically expanded to double the proportions. The prosperity of this operation is of great importance to operators with limited quantities, which means that operators do not need to delay for more spectrum supplies and can further upgrade the evolution of 5G technology.

According to Perry Yang, who is president of the Microwave product line creating importance for customers with modern and innovative technologies is the primary goal of the Huawei Microwave Technology. Huawei is looking forward to joint modernization with many cooperators to contribute to network development.

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