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WhatsApp update (PIP), playing videos in background

WhatsApp update (PIP), playing videos in background


  • Through PIP WhatsApp has enabled background playback feature on android.
  • Recently the feature didn’t allow playback once you leave a chat.
  • Last year WhatsApp brought the PIP feature in iOS.

WhatsApp for Android has been launched an enhanced Picture in Picture (PiP) feature. This feature will allow users to watch videos in a pop-up window, even while switching from one window to another. It will also play video in a floating window when WhatsApp is in the background. This is the feature which Android was missing for a long time. While the iPhone users were able to enjoy the videos in the background while switching through conversations, it was the thing that the Android was missing from a long time until now. However, the WhatsApp update has brought support to the Android app. WhatsApp has also introduced the new background playback functionality that is not available in the iPhone. At the start, the app is available for testing purpose only and is the part of WhatsApp beta program.

Since December last year, the PiP or picture in picture feature is notably a part of WhatsApp for Android. Nevertheless, up until now, the feature was enabling the playback of videos on the little, pop-up window only in isolated chats and group conversations. This was disparate the experience on WhatsApp for Android that debuted back in January recent year and was allowing users to continue watching a video in a pop-up window even while switching from one chat to another at the same time. Therefore, the PiP (picture in picture) experience on Android version of the app was severely inferior to the one on WhatsApp for iPhone.

However, the WhatsApp team is now seemingly upgrading the original PiP, picture in picture feature on Android by allowing consistent playback of videos on the pop-up window when one switches between multiple chats or even when going back to the home screen of one’s Android device. The window will remain there to let users watch videos from sources such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube continuously.

According to WABetaInfo, currently, the whatsapp update is only available in the beta version 2.19.177. Moreover, they were able to verify the PiP, Picture in Picture, and Playback background features existed in this version. 

The users can experience the change by downloading the new Beta version of WhatsApp for Android directly from the Google Play Store. Otherwise, its APK file is available for download through APK Mirror that can be sideloaded on your device.

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