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Huawei is considering to replace Android by a Russian Aurora Mobile OS

Huawei is considering to replace Android by a Russian Aurora Mobile OS

Huawei, which is a Chinese Tech giant, is facing some severe issues with the United States. As Android is from the United States, it is creating troubles for Huawei. So Google cuts Huawei off Android. That’s why Huawei is looking to replace the Android OS with some other operating system. An Aurora Mobile Operating system is currently under development by Moscow based firm of Russian Mobile Platform. There is news that Huawei will begin discussions this summer with the Officials of the Russian communication ministry to determine if it could use Russia’s Aurora Mobile Operating system.

What is Aurora?

Aurora is based on the Sailfish operating system. Finland’s Jolla developed it and has been developed by the Russian open mobile platform which is backed by the Russian Oligarch Grigory Berezkin. It featured a batch of Russians in the development team.  Aurora is a new and underlying operating system. It supports all standard function of a mobile operating system which includes management of calls, texts, e-mails and access to media galleries, etc. Quite a few top coders at Google and Apple which are exponents of a brilliant scientific academy tradition.

Huawei’s motive:

In front of St Petersburg International Economic forum recent week, Huawei chairman discussed the possibility of adopting Aurora with Russian Minister of digital development and communications.

It is possible that Huawei is exploring multiple substitute options. These moves are all lined up at lessening the effect of the US trade ban on the company, which will avoid all US companies from regulating any business with China’s Tech giant Huawei.

The company has already predicted a loss of up to 30 billion dollars in sales in the future as a result of the prohibition. Founder of Huawei, who is CEO of the Chinese Tech giant, Ren Zhengfei hinted that Huawei’s overseas cellphone sales would drop by 40 percent.

The challenge for the company remains, which is to sell its alternative operating system to consumers outside of China and Russia. Accustom Europe, in particular, away from the tried and experimented Android world is going to be a tough challenge.

The next step for Huawei and is to go for made in China processing and memory chips that will break the stranglehold by Intel, Micron Technology, Broadcom and the British ARM. Then the Holy Grail comes that is the 5G Huawei founder Zhengfei has stressed what matters is how advanced Huawei is as compared to the competition.  The Tech War is in full effect. Huawei may face a tough time and spell, but at the end of a long and hard road, there may be a sweet and unbeatable prize, prevailing over Cisco Qualcomm and Microsoft. 

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