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Twitter Bug, notifying when someone Unfollows a user

Twitter Bug, notifying when someone Unfollows a user

Twitter Bug, notifying when someone Unfollows a user. Twitters this new bug could possibly break friendships.


  • A bug is causing Twitter users to get notification from the friends who Unfollows them.
  • Twitter says that it’s aware of the problem and the solution is coming soon.
  • The problem seems to be affecting selective users only.

Twitter is a vast social network, and it allows you to be in connection with your friends that you follow. It enables you to get notifications from the friends in your circle if you want to be notified. One of the incredible features of Twitter is that it only reports you when someone follows you and it doesn’t notify you when someone Unfollows you, but a bug has happened with the twitter that is causing to receive notifications when someone Unfollows a friend. It is the opposite of Twitter’s policy, and this bug could break friendships. Some Twitter users have stated that they are getting notified when someone unfollows them on twitter. This seems to be awkward.

Commonly, Twitter lets you set up notifications whenever someone follows you on twitter. Twitter also lets you set up notifications for several actions which include mentions and replies, new tweets from explicit accounts, likes, retweets, new followers etc.

According to the Twitter network, it seems that Twitter is mixing up following notifications with unfollow notifications. The twitter users have complained that they are receiving notifications for a new when, in fact, that person seems to unfollow them. The Twitter spokesperson has confirmed the bug and stated that the company is working on it and trying to fix it as soon as possible.

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A lot of Twitter users are still reporting that they’re receiving unfollow notifications, which means the bug has not been fixed yet. It is an awkward moment if you are trying to unfollow someone for whatever reason calmly.

It is maybe not a good idea to unfollow someone on Twitter right now unless you don’t mind them noticing. Twitter could fix the bug in the upcoming days it may take a few weeks. Until then, if you don’t want to feel agonized by getting a notification that someone you are friends with has unfollowed you, you better turn off your notifications to avoid yourself hurting.

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