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Most Common Digital Marketing Tools and Digital Marketing Jobs

Most Common Digital Marketing Tools and Digital Marketing Jobs

Post Objectives:

-Knowledge of most common freelance digital marketing jobs and digital marketing tools.

-Knowing which skills are most important for a digital freelance marketer

-Understanding the activities involved in each skill

-Understanding which are most required tools for a digital marketer seeking Freelance jobs

Types of digital marketing jobs on freelancing platforms:              

Freelancing is the name given to providing services such as writing, designing, Marketing and selling over the internet. These jobs are generally short term based and are contractual. The employer and employee only interact digitally. The most famous website where you could look for freelancing jobs is Most common jobs available on this platform include

1) Social Media Manager: where you are required to manage client’s social media pages

2) SEO Expert: where you are required to use SEO skills to improve the search ranking of the client’s website

3) Online Sales Expert: where you are required to create a framework that creates leads for the clients. You should work towards building your profile and portfolio to get good jobs at good rates on the website.

Digital Marketing Skills for Non-Technical people

                Freelancing is a popular job-seeking domain where hundreds and thousands of people compete for the same jobs. Which skills are most relevant and in-demand that a person should focus on? The most significant skills are

1) Social Media Management: This involves tasks such as post-making and sharing, social media advertising, increasing followers, measuring the performance of posts and dealing with customer queries

2) Ad Creation: This involves creating appealing, effective & relevant ads for social media

3) Blog Writing: involves coming up with new topics & information that makes people read your blog

4) Lead Generation: involves creating frameworks that allow for more people to be interested in buying a client’s product.

Most Used Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools
Digital marketing tools

                In order to work as a Freelance Digital Marketer, knowledge of the tools of the trade is necessary. Digital marketer must have knowledge about social media and its primary tools.

  • Facebook: Most famous social media platform is Facebook, some other famous platforms are:
  • Instagram: A photo sharing platform
  • Twitter: A micro blogging platform
  • LinkedIn: a professional social platform
  • YouTube: Knowledge of how to operate the video sharing platform YouTube is also necessary, along with search advertising platforms AdWords and AdSense.
  • Blogger: Similarly Blogger for writing blogs
  • Taboola: for native advertising
  • MailChimp: for email marketing
  • Google Analytics: is important for performance measurements.

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