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Month: April 2019

Most Common Digital Marketing Tools and Digital Marketing Jobs

In order to work as a Freelance Digital Marketer, knowledge of the tools of the trade is necessary. Digital marketer must have knowledge about social media and its primary tools. The most significant digital marketing jobs are social media manager, SEO expert, Online sales Expert. jobs and tools for digital marketers are explianed here. Most common digital marketing Tools are facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and mailchimp…

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What Is Digital Marketing? What Benefits Digital Marketing Do For Business?

Digital Marketing has become a buzzword of the modern day internet, but why is it so important? Looking at facts we find how the world’s consumers are shifting towards digital media: About half of the world’s population is now an internet user and around 3 billion people are mobile phone internet users; about 2.7 billion people use social media each month. digital marketing introduction.

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